Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D. has been a full-time practicing Professional Dominatrix in Los Angeles since 2000 and has one of the most highly-regarded reputations in the U.S. pro domme community. Trained in traditional BDSM techniques, Mistress Damiana has incorporated these skills into developing her own style of domination that is very unique and personalized, resulting in an experience that is profound, cathartic, as well as grounding for her submissives.  Because she is naturally psychologically-minded and has an educational background and clinical training in psychology, her practice of the art of domination is very psychological in nature.

Dr. Chi holds a Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology, M.A. degree in counseling psychology, and a B.A. degree in behavioral studies. Her educational background, clinical training, and post-graduate studies were rooted in depth psychology (Jungian and archetypal) and is at the heart of her understanding and teachings of BDSM dynamics. The marriage of her two long time passions--depth psychology and BDSM--gave birth to her Dominatrix training course, called The Dominatrix Archetype: A Psychological and Practical Methodology Workshop.  The success of her signature course has since led to founding her training academy, The Dominatrix Archetype Academy, where she offers psychologically-based in-person and online BDSM courses to Dommes, subs and anyone else in the kink lifestyle. 

Dr. Chi is a Certified Sexologist, specializing in kink-knowledgeable life coaching and BDSM psychodrama play therapy. She does not offer psychoanalytically-based psychotherapy (as per her past clinical training) because she does not believe in analyzing "why" one is into BDSM or the sources of or reasons for one's kinks, for this does not assist one's healing and personal growth.  She works with clients in an empathic, coaching-style approach in support of a sex-positive kink/BDSM lifestyle, focusing on building a healthy self-image and self-acceptance, and nurturing relationships.  Dr. Chi endeavors to support those who are exploring BDSM privately and the kink community at large, by way of her many years of experience and expertise in integrating the fields of BDSM and psychology. 




This model is a face-to-face sit down session in which topics of concern are discussed and worked through with empathy, understanding and guidance.

• Individual or couples sessions

• Working through inner conflicts related to BDSM (e.g., self-acceptance, self-worth, identity issues, lonliness, isolation, guilt.)

• Relationship issues related to BDSM (e.g., lack of acceptance and understanding of one partner's kinks)

• Combining both coaching and psychodrama models can be useful as well


$300/hour for phone, Zoom consultations or $350/hour for in-person consultations
$1100 for a package of 4 phone or Zoom consultations or $1300 for a package of 4 in-person consultations

*Packages expire within 6 months


This interactive model involves a more active style of work, involving BDSM psychodrama play therapy.  Issues of concern and goals of session are discussed pre and post play.

• Individual or couples sessions

• Transforming inner conflicts or negative past experiences through psychodrama scenes

• Teaching couples to learn how to play with each other in a top/bottom or dom/sub dynamic

• Helping the partner of a submissive player understand his/her kinks by having him/her observe and/or participate in a BDSM scene

• Combining both coaching and psychodrama models can be useful as well


$400/hour for BDSM psychodrama sessions

$1500 for a package of 4 BDSM psychodrama sessions

*Packages expire within 6 months




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Mistress Damiana Chi, Ph.D.

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